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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yet Another Cake Creation

I made this cake for a wedding shower for a girl at work. They are not having a wedding cake, so I told her I would try to make it look like one.
They saved the top tier for their 1 year anniversary. They are doing a destination wedding in March and there are only a few people attending. The cost of a cake for that many people was obsene. The Calla Lillies are the color of the ones in her bouquet. The only request for the cake came from the groom-to-be. He wanted all Chocolate! So, the cake is a chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate buttercream icing. YUM!! My next cake adventure is going to be for my sister in-law's wedding on April 4th. I will definately post pictures! I am also doing the groom's cake for her wedding as well. I may have to take a break after that (or a vacation)!!

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